Enhance communications

for supporting customers, qualifying leads, talking to job candidates, and conducting polls

Upgrade customer service

for multichannel support, quicker response, and 24/7/365 support

Advance key metrics

with a +20% conversion boost, 10,000+ simultaneously handled calls, and 2.4x less money spent on the contact center

up to 80%

of calls handled by virtual agents


Conversion increase as compared to human agents


Less money spent on customer service

Transform business
Explore opportunities

Enhance your portfolio

Help your clients become leaders with Voctiv’s virtual agents and digital transformation solutions

Gain the power of Conversational AI solutions for any industry to improve your and your clients’ ROI

Help reduce operational costs and increase your clients’ competitive edge with a new level of customer service and deeper insights

Simplify user experience

We provide consistent 24/7 customer service in any language with our multilingual feature

Immediate response to each application: our solution is 10 times faster than a conventional call center

Increased conversion by up to 20%

Deeper user knowledge for better customer relations

Why Voctiv

#1 Virtual agents


99% of people can't distinguish our AI from a human agent. VAs can change intonation, make pauses, and follow the conversation flow to sound logical and natural

Quick launch

It only takes four weeks to launch your project

Easy scaling

Our NLU engine is equipped to handle multiple intents and it accurately understands the exact inquiry of the customer. It can be scaled in any business industry at any time


Virtual agents can support your customers and solve their inquiries on multiple platforms: messengers, email, calls, etc

Call samples

Successful projects of our clients


Join our Team

We are committed to developing AI solutions that will dramatically change the way that customers and businesses communicate. Our team consists of linguists, engineers, and experts specializing in neural networks, machine learning, and telecom.
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