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At Voctiv, we develop advanced new-gen technologies to improve customer experience and enhance your business performance. Any industry or use case can adopt our innovation in just three weeks and enjoy immediate benefits of conversational AI solutions, improving your business results


Here at Voctiv we are committed to developing AI solutions that will change the way customers and businesses communicate for the better. We are constantly polishing our technologies to help businesses grow, improve customer experience, and provide any help needed

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning for the future of communications are Voctiv’s passions – we develop new-gen technologies and help businesses in any industry succeed. For our team members, this presents a great opportunity for both career development and personal growth

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We complete unique tasks and solve real cases from top companies all across the globe. Our team members always support each other and help overcome obstacles

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Everyone is welcome in our global team regardless of location, age, or gender

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Our unique Conversational AI solution is a total game changer for business – join a rapidly growing IT startup and help businesses get on a new level

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Let’s create technologies of the future together

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We are constantly polishing our AI solution to ensure that it becomes more human-like and can recognize human speech accurately, maintain conversation flow, and express natural emotions.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning for the future of communications are Voctiv’s passions. This is why we have a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

If you would like to be part of a team whose focus is on creating happier customers and saving millions of dollars for companies, you are invited to join us on this journey.
You are welcome to strive with us to interact with the world in a simple, natural and efficient way.

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