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Enhance your contact center with Voice AI.
Gain the power of AI, machine learning, and NLU in just three weeks.


Reduce hold times: 44% of customers will not wait more than two minutes on the line. Stop losing customers because of long wait times!

Respond to clients faster. Traditional IVRs pin all the work on customers and worsen the user experience. Virtual assistants personalize the conversation and find solutions quickly and efficiently

Maintain a constant connection: an instant, high-quality solution that can operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Grow your business through cross-selling and up-selling. Virtual agents offer personalized recommendations based on customers’ needs and experiences

Our AI solution recognizes customers’ needs and pulls appropriate answers from a knowledge database

Regardless of call volume, virtual assistants can process calls three times faster than traditional call centers

The multilingual feature has over 160 languages, guaranteeing that there will be no linguistic barrier for the user

The AI-powered customer care center can handle more than 10 thousand calls at the same time

Boost the efficiency of dealing with repetitive and scripted phone calls by 2 to 4 times and achieve better business performance

Take your customer service to a new level in any field, whether in financial services, customer care, contact centers, cash collection, or anything else

Contact Center AI

How can virtual agents help your business?

What you get

Immediately gain the benefits of AI

Get better results

AI-fueled voice agents provide your customers with a personalized, instant, and constant connection. We ensure higher engagement and are able to handle peak sales periods more effectively with a virtual agent

Evolve and grow your business

3 weeks and 600 call recordings are all you need to start. Recognition accuracy is 95% just after a few thousand calls and increases to 98% after 1 million calls. It can help improve your business benchmarks and scale up your company with our conversational AI solution

Delight customers

Less than 1% of people are able to distinguish a virtual agent from a human agent. Virtual agents can help create round-the-clock support for your clients and can reach them through any preferable channel: e-mail, social networks, calls, etc

Call samples

Successful projects of our clients

Project stages

Adopt the innovation in just 3 weeks

Use cases

An innovative solution for your industry

Customer support

Instantly gain the power to engage clients and improve business metrics. Provide cost-effective and personalized solutions to guide your clients and solve their issues

Lead qualification

Close deals more effectively with state-of-the-art technology. Voice AI can boost your conversion rate by up to 20% and save up to 2-4 times on the cost of a lead. We also provide personalized self-service solutions to attract more customers, increasing both claim management effectiveness and client satisfaction


Deepen relationships with customers by delivering a highly efficient and engaging experience. Lower your call center costs while attracting keen interest from users. Our virtual marketing agents can help with quick processing of lead qualifications, improving sales with timely follow-ups and instantly reacting to your clients' requests

Surveys, NPS / CSI

Conduct high-quality surveys and measure NPS. Our virtual agents can gather realistic insights to learn more about client behavior and scale your contact center to conduct thousands of surveys or marketing research calls simultaneously. This can enhance your survey completion rate by 30%


Increase your HR effectiveness by 45% with our virtual assistant solutions. Attract more relevant candidates and save your HR managers’ time on answering repetitive questions. Let them focus on strategy development, planning, and recruiting valuable employees


Elevate your contact center using AI-powered virtual agents by Voctiv!

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