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Here at Voctiv we develop advanced new-generation technologies to improve customer experience and enhance your business performance. Any industry or use case can adopt our innovation in just three weeks and enjoy immediate benefits of conversational AI solutions, improving your business results

Voctiv now

Unique technology in Voice AI industry

We can help any business build fully autonomous, AI-powered contact centers with virtual agents capable of maintaining sophisticated conversations and mimicking emotions. Less than 1% of people were able to distinguish a virtual agent from a human agent, based on 300 million conversations

A great team

50% of the team are experts in Artificial Intelligence. Our portfolio includes projects with the largest telecom operators, retailers, and other major companies

Global presence

Offices in San Jose, Jakarta, Сairo, Istanbul, Manila, and Hanoi


Meet the team

Our passionate leaders inspire us each day, empowering every employee to challenge the status quo. Meet the unique builders and innovators leading the way


Let's work together!

We are committed to developing AI solutions that will dramatically change the way that customers and businesses communicate. If you want to create technologies of the future together with the Voctiv team, contact us!


Deliver an innovative and unique experience to communicate more clearly with customers. The AI solution is comprehensive but intuitive: it is free of complicated setup procedures, troublesome maintenance, voice processing tasks, and the issues of training speech recognition software

Small and midsize business

Build your own AI-enabled solution in just a couple of clicks using our innovative communication platform with predefined libraries and ready-to-go call flow templates


San JoseBelgradeHanoiJakartaManilaIstanbulCairo
North America San Jose, California
Europe Belgrade, Serbia
Southeast Asia Hanoi, Jakarta, Manila
Middle East Istanbul, Turkey
North Africa Cairo, Egypt
R&D and Data Science Belgrade, Serbia

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