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Enhance your business with the latest technology Become a partner

Grow your business: virtual agents offer personalized recommendations based on customers’ needs and experiences

Boost conversion up to 20%: increase satisfaction and help to improve RFIs, lead qualification, and pilot projects

Help your customers delegate routine tasks to virtual agents and focus on more complex requests

Why partner with Voctiv

Immediately gain benefits of AI

Fast: Conversational AI solutions operate up to 10 times faster than traditional methods – the average client wait time is 700 milliseconds

Economical: Virtual agents lower costs by 2 - 2,5x

Flexible: It can adapt to any industry or business need

Safe: All data is protected

Tools for successful projects

Working in synergy

All-process assistance

Our team can help with any business area and adjusts to meet your goals. We can advise on growth points, develop an action plan or make modifications to the current one

Rapid and easy learning

Our experts provide all the necessary training and key learning for your team

Technical support

Our team can assist with any technical issues and share data with your specialists

Sales support

We are working closely with our customers’ companies and helping them close more deals


Explore partnership opportunities
that is right for you

Certified developer

This program is designed for IT companies at any stage of business growth that are ready to adopt our solutions

For IT companies at different stages of development that are ready to engage in independent comprehensive solution development, scale their business, and implement new technologies in their product portfolio

System integrator

This program is for those who want to promote our products within the IT solutions market

For companies that provide various services to businesses in the area of business process automation, development of quality, and customer service level, and are ready to expand their service portfolio with new technologies and effective business solutions in the area of conversational AI

Sales representative

This program is aimed at sales representatives who desire to attract more permanent users and boost their businesses with the help of Voctiv

For sales representatives who sell Voctiv loewe 7543 fashionable unisex shorts technologies and solutions to an end customer on behalf of Voctiv for a fee

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