Voice Biometrics

for reliable protection of
business and customer data
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Enhance your contact center with the latest technology. Get the most out of voice biometrics.
Increase the overall security level, prevent fraud, decrease risks of insider attacks, and implement more effective authentication systems for your customers and employees

Voice biometrics

for the business and customers

Voice identification

Get maximum protection with Voice ID

Know more about clients

Our AI-based algorithm is based on the Text Independent Engine, with a typical error rate (EER) below 2%. Our technology recognises voice and is able to identify a caller’s age, gender, and behavior by pronunciation, emphasis, speed of speech, accent, and timbre

Improve user experience

Our AI-solution needs less than 20 seconds to identify a caller: the system matches their voice with pre-recorded voiceprints while the person is talking. It helps call centers reduce the time spent on every task by 66% and raises your company to a new level of customer service

Manage risks

AI-technology can boost the effectiveness of call centers in any industry. The system updates the CRM's customer profile in real time. For easy usage it assigns each client’s page with a corresponding color. For example, red is a recognized imposter, and green is for a verified customer. If there is not enough data for the system to decide on a caller’s security level, it can run additional verification by asking more custom questions


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